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A Beautiful Dog is not only about giving your dog a great appearance. Having your pet groomed is essential for keeping their coat and skin healthy. Regular visits helps with reducing skin allergies, rehydrating the skin to reduce doggie dandruff, and shedding. Dogs absorb allergens through their skin. Sand, dirt, and oil builds up in their coats which causes odor and can collect on furniture and carpets. For longer haired dogs hair can become matted if not properly bathed, trimmed and groomed.

Keeping your dogs nails is also an important part of your dogs grooming. Longer toenails can cause your dog pain, can hurt when in traction when trying to walk and can become infected if the nail grows into their skin. We take the time to ensure your dogs nails are in proper shape and healthy. 


Our dedicated team provides exceptional grooming service. We strive to give personalized attention to make to make your dog beautiful.


Our Full Grooming Services includes


  •  Check for lumps, bumps, bugs, skin infection and any irregularities


  •   Baths with all natural shampoo and conditioner 


  • ​  Full brush out


  •   Haircut & Style


  •   Nails Clipped


  •   Ears cleaned and plucked ( if needed)


  •   ​Bows and or bandana


  •   Doggie Cologne (If Desired) 

To keep your pet healthy, happy and smelling great, we recommend keeping your pet on a regular 6 - 8 week grooming schedule.

We also offer a streamlined service for the in-between full grooming's.  

This "spruce-up" includes our standard bath, brush & blow out, nail clipping, ears cleaning, feet and a sanitary trim, flea/tick treatments and de-shedding treatments.

Grooming Services

Puppy's First Hair Cut

Your puppy's first trip to the groomer is very important. They will be in a new environment with unfamiliar smells and faces. We take the time they need to make sure their first visit is as stress free and pleasant as possible. Please allow a little more time than normal for you puppies first appointment.

Puppy Grooming Tip: It is important to teach your puppy that grooming is enjoyable with a professional groomer. Introducing grooming in a positive way allows your puppy to build a nice association with brushes, combs, clippers, nail trimmers and the handling that is associated with the grooming process. If you decide to take your puppy to a professional groomer it is important that they go as soon as possible so they can used to the place and the groomer.

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